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Nevada POLST Training for Healthcare Professionals

Nevada POLST provides the only POLST-authorized trainers and trainings in Nevada. Before implementing a POLST program or completing a POLST for a patient, be sure you understand the Nevada POLST Program by participating in one of our training methods.

Nevada POLST is a program, not just a form. For the success of this program, that is, to reduce the stress and confusion of patients, providers, and families in determining the appropriate level of treatment at the end of life, education is critical.


Nevada POLST training focuses on the most recent form (#090817). Although the older form (#111913) is still valid, please use Nevada POLST form #090817 for all future POLST documentation as it reflects current legislation: it indicates clearly that APRNs and PAs may sign as well as physicians, it addresses decisional capacity, and provides the option for a Health Care Surrogate.


Nevada POLST education is available through  1) online webinars; these require participation on a computer and also the option of CEUs, currently for nursing and social work, or 2) via videos.


Nevada POLST Video Training and CMEs

To view our training modules, click here. There are 4 modules, which cover the same material that is covered in our webinar.

For physicians wishing CME credit, you can receive 1 ethics CME after registering, viewing the presentation through the University of Nevada (UNR) School of Medicine website (click here), and passing an evaluation. The charge for the CME is $30 paid through the UNR website.


Click here to register for a webinar

Nevada POLST Overview training covers: (Click here to register)

  • 1.5 hrs CEU available for nursing and social work

  • The history and reach of POLST

  • Who qualifies as a POLST patient

  • How to have a comfortable advance care planning conversation

  • The difference between and relationship of POLST and advance directives

  • Completion of the POLST form

  • How to avoid confusing or conflicting POLST orders

  • Legal considerations of the Nevada POLST Program

  • Research regarding the effectiveness of POLST


Webinar Training Dates:
If you are not available for any of these times or dates, please contact Nevada POLST noting days and times the following month that you would be available and we will make every effort to set a class to accommodate your request.


New training dates will be posted around the middle of the month preceding the webinars. For example, May webinars will be posted around April 15. To be sure to learn of Nevada POLST Webinars, request to be on our mailing list; we send out announcements of webinars when they are posted and available online for registration. 

Conference Participation or Community Education

To request Nevada POLST participation or presentation at a conference or community education (patients, families, the general public), please send us your request in an email with specifics about the event, how many people you expect and where the event will be.


For questions regarding any of the information presented in the videos or additional information about Nevada POLST, please explore our site or contact us by email.

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