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It is difficult to remember important documents in a crisis.

Take the following steps to assure your Nevada POLST and other end-of-life documents are available when needed:


  1. You should ALWAYS keep the original Nevada POLST with you at your home or, if in a facility, make sure they have your Nevada POLST and send it with you should you be transferred home or to another facility.

  2. If you are at home, the Nevada POLST should be next to your bed or mounted on the refrigerator. EMS is trained to look in these two places.

  3. To be sure it is ALWAYS available to any healthcare provider,  your Nevada POLST and Advance Directive should be filed with the Secretary of State's Nevada Lockbox. You will need to go to their website and click on the "File Advance Directive" tab at the left. You will complete the Advance Directive Registration Agreement , then mail or fax a copy of the Agreement and your POLST and Advance Directive to the address on the form. In a few weeks, you will receive a wallet card to carry that has an access code and other important information necessary for your healthcare to provide you the care you want.

    Or, when you complete your POLST with your healthcare provider, ask them to fax both your POLST and Advance Directive to the Lockbox...but, be sure you take the originals with you.

  4. If you change your POLST or Advance Directive, or you submit them at different times, you will need to file an Authorization to Change Documents Form with the Nevada Lockbox .

  5. Be sure to let your loved ones know of your decisions and where the documents may be located in case of an emergency. It is always a good idea to copy and give them to anyone who may be contacted in an emergency.

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