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Nevada POLST

Board of directors

and Coalition

The Nevada POLST Board of Directors is composed of individuals and health care professionals who have a long history of patient advocacy and dedication to the objectives of Nevada POLST: promoting the autonomy and values of patients at the end of life.


Current efforts of the Nevada POLST Board are focused on education, implementation of the Nevada POLST Program, quality assurance and endorsement by National POLST. National POLST is the nationwide organization for POLST promotion, quality standards and program development.

Board Members

  • Patti Pollina, RN, APRN, ACHPN, NP-C. Nevada POLST Chair and Secretary. Prospero-Health. Las Vegas

  • Veneta Lepera, BA, BSN, RN. Nevada POLST Vice-Chair. Manager, Palliative Care In-Patient Program, Dignity Health. Las Vegas

  • Mary-Ann Brown, MSN. Director, Palliative Care, Renown Health, Reno

  • Krystal Brass, MSW, LCSW, CGRS. Owner-Sh'ma Support Services, LLC

  • Christine M. Estrada, DO, MPH, MS, MBA. Clinical Ethics, Risk Management and Patient Safety.

  • Alexander Mylavarapu MD – Nathan Adelson Hospice & Elaine Wynn Palliative Care, Las Vegas NV

  • Clevis T. Parker, MD, MHA. CEO/CMO Procare Hospice of Nevada.

The Nevada POLST Coalition is composed of those with an interest in advancing and promoting the work of Nevada POLST. These members are invited to attend all board meetings and provide input to our efforts. In return, we ask them to remain abreast of Nevada POLST efforts, be an advocate for the appropriate use of POLST and promote our work in their spheres of influence. In addition, these members may offer their unique talents in areas that assist the Nevada POLST board's work.

Coalition Members

  • Sally Hardwick, MS. Retired. Original founder of Nevada POLST. Previously Director of the Nevada Center for Ethics & Health Policy and faculty in the Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Nevada, Reno. Ms. Hardwick will remain available as a source of institutional knowledge, help with the transition to new board members, and continue as the webmaster.

  • Rose Wetzel, RN. Patient Safety Manager, Dignity Health. As of Jan. 2021, Ms. Wetzel publishes our POLST Post newsletter.

  • Shelby Schiller, MSW. Season's Hospice. Ms. Schiller has researched several CMS and CEU issues.

To become a Nevada POLST Coalition Member, please click here.

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