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  • NEWS FLASH – Spanish translation of Nevada POLST is available. The Spanish version is solely for translation; it is not a valid POLST, but can be provided to Spanish speakers to that they can understand what the Nevada POLST says. Do NOT print it on pink paper to avoid confusion with a valid Nevada POLST form. You may print copies here.
  • The State of Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health now provides all state approved Nevada POLST forms; they are now the only source of authorized Nevada POLST forms. Please see below to order Nevada POLST forms.
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Ordering POLST Forms

POLST forms may only be ordered by health care providers. Individuals seeking to obtain a POLST form should speak to their physician, APRN or PA. Health care providers click here to order Nevada POLST forms.

POLST – Provider Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment

Through a conversation between the patient and health care provider, patient wishes are translated to actionable medical orders. Additionally, the POLST program coordinates efforts between health care setting to assure POLST medical orders are transferred with the patient and, very importantly, unlike an Advance Directive, emergency medical services are able to honor the directives on the POLST.

POLST FormThe following are the 3 key features of the POLST program:

1) The POLST form is completed with your health care professional to direct the kinds of treatment you want in a medical crisis. As a seriously ill patient, POLST orders help give you more control over the treatments you do or do not want to receive. The form works even if you later lose the ability to speak for yourself.

2) The POLST form becomes a medical order after a discussion with your health care provider about your treatment preferences and it is signed and dated by both you (or your representative or surrogate) and a physician, advance practice registered nurse (APRN) or physician assistant (PA). Since it is a medical order that will be followed in an emergency, it is important that it reflect your wishes now, in your current state of health.

3) Providers ensure that the POLST form actually travels with the patient whenever and wherever they may be transferred, whether to another facility or home. This is accomplished through coordinated training between facilities, emergency medical services (paramedics) and patients and their loved ones. THE POLST FORM SHOULD ALWAYS ACCOMPANY THE PATIENT. Click here to find out more about the POLST program.