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Some articles below are provided as summaries of original publications not readily available online without special access privileges. A link to the original documents are provided for those who may have such access.

Study Demonstrates Efficacy of POLST
The Journal of the American Geriatric Society has released the newest POLST research manuscript: Association between Provider Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment for Scope of Treatment and in-Hospital Death in Oregon. This study of 17,900 decedents demonstrates a strong associated between POLST choices and where patients die and that the POLST is very effective in assuring patient preferences will be honored.

Researchers looked at the preferences documented on the POLST form and where that person died. Of those choosing Comfort Measures Only, 6.4% died in the hospital. For those choosing Limited Interventions, 22.4% died in the hospital and for those desiring Full Treatment, 44.2% died in the hospital. For patients without a POLST, 34% died in the hospital.

The study also demonstrated that decedents strongly preferred Comfort Measures Only, 66.1% vs. 26.7% preferring Limited Interventions and only 6.4% choosing Full Treatment.

Vastly more who complete a POLST choose Comfort Measures Only. Those with POLSTs for Comfort Measures Only were significantly LESS likely to die in a hospital and those with orders for full treatment were MORE likely to die in the hospital than those without a POLST. This holds for each of the top 10 causes of death. The study strongly supports POLST in that end-of-life preferences to avoid hospitalization as documented in POLST orders are shown to be honored, whether the patient wishes more or less treatment.

To access the article in the Journal of American Geriatric Association, click here or you may read about it in the Wall Street Journal.

To Assure Success, Nevada POLST Offers Training for Your Office or Facility.
The Nevada POLST form has many nuances that providers should be aware of when signing their names to the Nevada POLST form. Be sure you understand who the form is for, what the different sections mean, what to watch for when reviewing it, and how to assure your are practicing best standards or the Nevada POLST.

It is important for providers to offer the Nevada POLST to their qualified patients, but more important that it is completed correctly so it provides the comfort and reassurance to patients and their families that is intended…and to you, their provider, that what you and your patient have agreed to is carried out by other providers.

Nevada POLST welcomes any questions or concerns you may have regarding the Nevada POLST program! Contact us!