How to Order Nevada POLST Forms

Because the POLST constitutes a medical order, POLST forms are only available to health care professionals and medical facilities. Individuals interested in completing a POLST should contact their physician.

There are three ways to obtain Nevada POLST forms: free pick up locations or you may have them mailed via FedEx or by the State’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

All POLST forms are now provided by the State of Nevada’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health.


  • Las Vegas: 4220 S. Maryland Pkwy., Suite 810, Bldg. D, 89119; Phone: 702-486-6515
  • Carson City: 727 Fairview Drive, Suite E, 89701; Phone: 775-684-1030

Order POLST Forms: FedEx Account

> Click here to order POLST Forms Using your FedEx account

Order POLST Forms: Via US Mail

There is no longer a fee for POLST forms. Please just complete the form for the number of POLST forms you would like. You will not be invoiced for them.

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