POLST Provider Training

Please note: New POLST legislation in June 2017 has necessitated a new POLST form. When the new POLST form is available, this website will be updated to reflect the changes. Until then, please follow the instructions below:

Nevada POLST education is available online as YouTube videos, one for EMS and another for providers and facilities. Nevada POLST is a program, not just a form. For the success of this program, that is, to reduce the stress and confusion of patients, providers, and families in determining the appropriate level of treatment at the end of life, education is critical.

Nevada POLST training covers:

  • Who qualifies as a POLST patient
  • How to have a comfortable advance care planning conversation
  • The difference between and relationship of POLST and advance directives
  • Completion of the POLST form
  • How to avoid confusing or conflicting POLST orders
  • Legal considerations of the Nevada POLST Program
  • Research regarding the effectiveness of POLST

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) POLST training, click here.

Healthcare Providers or Facilities POLST training, click here. The video is 27 minutes long. It is recommended that you have a copy of the POLST form with you to reference while you watch the training and that you take note of any questions you may have, then contact us for any clarifications or other information you may need.

For community education (patients, families, the general public) send us your request in an email with specifics about the event, how many people you expect and where the event will be.

For questions regarding any of the information presented in the videos or additional information about Nevada POLST please explore our site or contact us by email.