For Providers – Nevada’s Living Will Lockbox

Nevada’s Secretary of State’s Living Will Lockbox (LWL) provides a secure repository for Advance Directives and POLST forms. Once submitted, these important documents are available to access by registered health care providers 24/7.

The LWL is a relatively new service, but has not been well promoted. With the inclusion of the POLST and its associated training, providers are being encouraged to submit patient Advance Directives and POLSTs to the LWL so that these documents are available at all times to all registered providers. We expect a critical mass of submissions to the LWL over the next several months as POLST is rolled out across Nevada better warranting queries to the LWL for these documents when needed by health care providers.

In order to query an AD or POLST in the LWL, a health care provider must complete, sign, date and submit a Provider Access Application/Agreement to the LWL. Once submitted, you will receive an access code. If your practice is associated with a larger facility, the facility may already be an authorized provider. Please check with your institution to verify your access.

To submit your Provider Access Application/Agreement to the Living Will Lockbox, please fax or mail to:


The Living Will Lockbox
c/o Nevada Secretary of State
101 North Carson St., Suite 3
Carson City, NV 89701