For Providers

Caring for patients at the end of life is difficult. Treatments often offer little benefit, complications are common, patients and their families are distressed, confused and worried and providers feel they haven’t much more to offer patients and their loved ones. It is a challenging and emotional time for all.

But, things can be better. The Nevada POLST Program offers an alternative that promises to ease the stress and frustration of patients, families and providers. Below, please find information and resources that explain the Nevada POLST Program and provide resources to facilitate its effectiveness.

The Nevada POLST Form – for patient use or to print a POLST form for training and education
POLST Step-by-Step
POLST Provider FAQ – procedural and legal aspects in PDF form
POLST and Advance Directives – if they have one, they may still need the other
Billing for POLST consultation
Living Will Lockbox and HealtHIE Nevada – if it isn’t available, it won’t be useful

Start the Conversation – coming soon!