Make Sure Your AD or POLST is Available When Needed

Although nearly 30% of Nevadan’s have completed an Advance Directive (AD), it is rare they are available to health care providers when needed. To assure your AD or POLST form is available, it should be filed with either HealtHIE Nevada or Nevada Secretary of State’s Nevada Lockbox (previously known as the Living Will Lockbox) where your authorized healthcare provider is able to retrieve a copy of it 24/7 in case of emergency or illness. This system provides a simple and secure way to make sure your medical wishes are followed. Both are free services.

What Is the Difference Between the HealtHIE Nevada and Nevada Lockbox?

HeatlHIE Nevada
The HealtHIE Nevada Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides electronic clinical information exchange between physicians, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers. Only certain facilities in Nevada are on this system. What this means is that the health records, prescription information, and results from tests, along with your AD and POLST are delivered instantly, accurately and securely where and when they are needed, instead of waiting for faxes or mail delivery. But, if your facility or healthcare provider does not participate, then your records will not be available. To see if your health care provider participates on HealtHIE Nevada, click here.

Nevada Lockbox (previously known as the Living Will Lockbox)
You or your healthcare provider may submit forms to the Nevada Lockbox. In order to submit your AD or POLST to the Nevada Lockbox, you must complete, sign, date and submit a Registration Agreement along with your AD and/or POLST. You may also ask your healthcare provider to submit it once you’ve signed it. Once submitted, you will receive confirmation by mail to the address provided on the Registration Agreement along with a registration card and other information regarding your registration. You should carry the registration card in your wallet. The Nevada Lockbox is only for ADs and POLSTs. No other medical information is available on this site, so in an emergency, it is very important that you have your Nevada Lockbox registration card on you in order for them to locate your record quickly.

You should also let your primary physician know you submitted documents to the Nevada Lockbox and provide your physician with your registration number for ease of locating your documents in case they are needed.

Should you later change your AD or POLST, you should update them in the Nevada Lockbox and give a copy to your healthcare provider. In order to do so in the Nevada Lockbox, you should complete an Authorization to Change Form.

To submit your AD, POLST and Registration Agreement to the Living Will Lockbox, please fax or send by mail to:


Postal Mail:
The Nevada Lockbox
c/o Nevada Secretary of State
101 North Carson St., Suite 3
Carson City, NV 89701